the solar decathlon worldwide league

The Solar Decathlon Europe was the first intrepid step toward the internationalisation
of the outstanding competition in plus-energy architecture.

The SDE is one of five international chapters of the formidable international competition in sustainable housing & habitation. Initated in 2002 by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Solar Decathlon has become a worldwide phenomenon. The first european edition took place in Madrid in 2010. Further editions in Europe occured in 2012 (Madrid) & 2014 (Versailles).

The first asian edition of the Solar Decathlon took place in 2013 in Datong, China. Movement & momentum propelled the Solar Decathlon to Cali, Colombia in December 2015. We eagerly await yet another Solar Decathlon family member, scheduled for 2018, in Dubai.

Future SD competitions are planned for 2017 (U.S.), 2018 (Latin America & Caribbean, China, and  Middle East), 2019 (U.S., Europe, Africa) & 2020 (Middle East). More information about these editions & their respective organisations can be found below on the official websites.

Solar Decathlon (SD US)
Solar Decathlon China (SD China)
Solar Decathlon Latin America & Caribbean (SD LAC)
Solar Decathlon Middle East (SD ME)
Solar Decathlon Africa in Morocco (website tbd.)