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The questions sent to have been answered. Every attempt has been made to give a concise, clear and consistent answer to these questions. All questions are published in an anonymous manner. Answers are customarily provided within seven days, and published on the SDE website. Please send all your questions before the final deadline December 2nd, 2022.

Question 1: Budget Template: Are the structure and categories shown in the Excel template mandatory? Or can the finance workbook be structured based on an approach for a national funding proposal?
Answer: The budget template is provided as a guideline only. Applicants are free to approach their budget according to their organisational structure and financial planning.
Importantly, the budget must include a feasible and highly detailed budget (including funding sources) and fundraising strategy, fulfilling the objectives described in the proposal. The financial structure must be made as clear as possible in the full application.

Question 2: Is the budget of 10 million Euros a requirement?
Answer: No. In the Call for Cities Annex: (Excel spreadsheet), a typical budget template based on previous SDE events is given as a reference. Local costs for labour, site preparation, and in-kind contributions will alter the budget needed to host a successful SDE Competition.

Question 3: What is the specificity of the SDE25 compared to other SD editions?
Answer: Applicants are expected to describe the focus of their goals as it relates to issues they wish to address as hosts for the SDE in 2025. The complete application should identify which contests, if any, would be affected by this focus. The SDE25 reference version of the Rules document will be the basis for the SDE25 Competition, and will be revised to reflect the SDE25 specificity prior to the SDE25 Call for Teams.
Each new SDE edition allows for the development and evolution of the SDE Rules; this is intended to reflect the specificity of the SDE edition and corresponding project requirements. The Energy Endeavour Foundation (EEF) is the custodian and final authority of the SDE(25) Rules.

Question 4: Is it mandatory that SDE25 be held in a big city?
Answer: No, it is not. The EEF seeks a Host City with an appropriate venue for the next SDE, one which will provide surrounding communities with the opportunity to conduct parallel activities and participate in and benefit from its economic and educational impact.
Since one of the most important SDE goals is to raise awareness and educate the general public, this event should stimulate the local economy by attracting visitors from the Host City and its surrounding region, and by implementing communications strategies and actions beyond the Host City.

Question 5: Is it mandatory that the entire budget come from a public administrative entity tied to the Host City?
Answer: No, it is not. On the contrary, it is important to demonstrate support from national, regional, and local governments, including those from city authorities and private sectors, by letters of commitment containing clear mentions of financial cash or in-kind contributions.
Applicants should specify which public and / or private institutions, organisations, or bodies would be represented in the proposed team, as well as their respective levels of authority.

Question 6: When and how do applicants have to officially demonstrate their interest in being the SDE25 Host City?
Answer: Applicants need to send their Letters of Intent by November 15, 2022. Applications are due on January 13, 2023. Please refer to Section 1.22 in the Call for cities document for more details regarding application, assessment, and designation timetable.

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Energy Endeavour Foundation – 14 July 2022