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The Energy Endeavour Foundation (EEF) launches the EEF Empowerment Award, an entrepreneurship initiative for young professionals pursuing careers in the built environment.

As part of the Energy Endeavour Foundation’s core mandate, we seek to empower young professionals as they embrace clean-energy workforce challenges and corresponding solutions for our human habitat. The EEF facilitates international knowledge and technology transfers, focusing on urban sustainability topics. With an eye on youth entrepreneurship, the EEF promotes socio-economic development and solutions to sustainability transitions and, ultimately, real-world wake-up calls.

Importantly, the EEF envisions a world where more women and more partnerships between women and men contribute towards the equitable reconfiguration of the built environment. We also support the kind of economic and societal development in which arts and science contribute to each other, an arena where creativity, communication, interpretive and cross-cultural skills are mutually interwoven with the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and management. And a future in which hybrid, women-driven collaborations in entrepreneurial business initiatives are supported and propelled into action. We advocate for this bedrock of intrepid leadership for our socially cohesive, collaborative, and environmentally regenerative communities.

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Energy Endeavour Foundation – 18 May 2022