sde21 goes urban_
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The Solar Decathlon Europe 2021 Organisation (SDE21), represented by the Netherlands-based Energy Endeavour Foundation and the SDE21 Organisers from the University of Wuppertal, Germany, announces that the upcoming Solar Decathlon Europe Competition event will be postponed from September, 2021, to June 2022.

A measured response to the on-going worldwide Covid19 pandemic has required a conscientious analysis and understanding of continued circumstances and corresponding effects on all SDE21 stakeholders. With a focus on the SDE21 Teams, and despite the change of plans, the SDE21 Organisation is united in producing a safe, high-calibre, and memorable SDE Competition event.

The Solar Decathlon Europe offers a singular student experience in which international university Teams are challenged to design, build, and operate highly efficient and innovative buildings powered by renewable energy. Extending ‘learning by doing’ to ‘learning by building’, the SDE invites student Teams to design, build and operate 1:1 energy-efficient prototype dwellings. The buildings are constructed in record time, creating a ‘solar village’, measured and judged in 10 contests. The village is a public forum and living lab, educating wide audiences through the accessible, affordable innovations and technologies contributing to responsible habitation. The singular experience galvanises workforce development, inspiring students worldwide in disciplines that include design, engineering, communication, finance, and renewable energy management.

Celebrating its diversity, the Solar Decathlon Europe edition in Germany emphasises our responses to complex urban issues through the development of energy-efficient and resource-responsible design concepts. Participating Teams distinguish themselves by putting their designs into a bigger social and urban perspective, showing leadership in shaping the cities of our future.

The SDE21 Organisation extends its thanks to all involved in the upcoming SDE21 Competition, which will go urban in June, 2022. Thank-you all, for your continued commitment to energy-literacy and resource-optimisation!

Energy Endeavour Foundation – 24 June 2020