Solar Decathlon

Through a knowledge platform for the Solar Decathlon community, researchers have built an information portal to consolidate and document data from the many Solar Decathlon competitions.

The Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) is stewarded by the Energy Endeavour Foundation, the SDE’s governing body entrusted with ensuring the vitality and legacy of the SDE. Professor Dr. Karsten Voss of the Bergische University Wuppertal (BUW) in Wuppertal, Germany has stewarded important documentation of the SDE editions.

The researchers at the BUW have built this platform to provide knowledge relative to the houses and their corresponding technologies; the teams and their members; the organisation and rules of previous SDE competitions, including the outcomes and deployment of further initiatives born of the SDE competitions.

The information & corresponding website can serve as a resource for students, researchers, colleagues in industry and future SDE participants. It also serves as a portal to raise awareness to the general public, who will also have access to the technologies, stories and history of the Solar Decathlon.

The platform is also meant to serve as an information repository for parallel and worldwide editions of the Solar Decathlon. With over 200 solar houses built since the first U.S  Solar Decathlon in 2002, a wealth of information has been acquired. Previous participants from other SD events can contribute to this information repository through an online portal.

Through the support of the German Ministry of Commerce & Energy, Susanne Hendel (M.Sc.) was the lead on the knowledge platform project in Wuppertal. For more information on the project, please contact Susanne Hendel at

To go directly to the knowledge platform please click on the link below:

SDE secretariat > Energy Endeavour Foundation – 7 April 2016