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Despite today’s turmoil in the world, the Energy Endeavour Foundation (EEF) has been paying close attention to its core project, the premier international student competition for regenerative habitation, the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE).

Through on-going exchanges with prospective European entities and stakeholders, and with consideration for the shifting political tides in Europe, the EEF regrets that there is no city presently poised to host the SDE in 2025, nor in 2026. Unfortunately, at this moment in Europe, prospective SDE Host City representatives are unable to secure the resources required to execute and host an SDE Competition event in the near future.

To all in the SDE community, SDE alumni, previous Decathletes, and faculty advisors, and to new colleagues and friends: the EEF encourages continued exchange with local and regional policymakers, urging these stakeholders to engage with representatives in concert with the Energy Endeavour Foundation for the continuity of the Solar Decathlon Europe programme. Please refer all interested parties to the recent ‘SDE_ Why Host’ and the ‘SDE Call for Cities’ documents as benchmark indicators in the pursuit of future prospective SDE Host City engagements. The EEF welcomes further investigation on this topic and can be reached at

The Solar Decathlon Europe is an action and a movement with profound impact on all audiences: policymakers, academia and research groups, industry and professionals, schoolchildren and teenagers, consumers and the broader public, the media, and beyond. The Energy Endeavour Foundation’s commitment to youth-driven activities for regenerative habitation is unwavering, and the EEF will continue to explore the future of the Solar Decathlon Europe with dedicated partners.

The Energy Endeavour Foundation thanks all those who have invested their energies toward the Solar Decathlon Europe; the EEF’s doors remain open, as it stands ready to engage in a future edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe.

Energy Endeavour Foundation – 2 November 2023