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Marketing, energy, management…

A graduate of France’s Central-Supélec, Michel Orlhac (Council Member) has devoted his 40-year career to the private steel and energy industries. His expertise is in marketing and mergers & acquisitions;he served for several years as a Vice President for the Global Marketing division of Schneider Electric. As a commercial engineer, Michel specialised in new products and solutions for electricity grid protection and management. Michel has focused on business forums and private sponsorship for events, securing major investment in the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris (8 marathons from 2013 to 2021), targeting employees and customers while converting the event into a carbon neutral event. He has also dedicated his energy to the Solar Decathlon competition, promoting sponsorship for ten SD competitions in US, Europe and China, and to 30 different competing international team. He developed an integrated concept of “global sponsorship” to turn the Solar Decathlon into a major business event for Schneider Electric customers, driving the enthusiasm and motivation of company employees. This concept was implemented during the European editions of the Solar Decathlon in Madrid and in Versailles.

Energy Endeavour Foundation – 9 September 2017