sd 2018_ outlook

New year, new perspectives. Get ready for the worldwide Solar Decathlon editions scheduled for 2018.

As we sweep into the new year, we can look forward to a 2018 filled with Solar Decathlon energy across the globe. To refresh your memory, here is an overview of what is coming our way:

Solar Decathlon China 2018 _
First off, we’re gearing up for the second edition of the Solar Decathlon China. This time SDC will welcome the coalition of 22 teams from 41 institutions, spanning 10 different countries. The launch happens on August 2nd, kick-starting an ambitious Solar Decathlon China competition in Dezhou, of the Shandong Province. Aiming for permanent implementation, the SDC18 competition requires teams to build a single- or two-story solar house with a finished area of 120-200m2 and equipped with all the necessary household appliances. In addition, each house will have an electric vehicle with a matching charging device.

Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 _
Soon after the SD China, we travel this fall towards the Middle East, which will celebrate its first Solar Decathlon in Dubai. This is a region where high temperatures, high humidity and dust conditions are an enduring reality in the daily lives of most of habitants. For this SDME competition, we can expect 21 houses that will focus on solving these issues and needs for energy-efficient living in the Middle East.

Perfect reasons to mark both editions with big, bold letters in your agenda! Don’t miss out!

Energy Endeavour Foundation – 7 February 2018