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Established by the Energy Endeavour Foundation, the SDE Council of Experts
is an advisory board contributing to the long-term impact and vitality
of the Solar Decathlon in Europe.

The EEF invites qualified newcomers to join this growing team of top-notch professionals, all of whom
are dedicated to the SDE mandate, providing voluntary advice and valuable insight on key topics related to the Solar Decathlon competition in Europe.

Championing tomorrow’s leaders and change-agents, the Energy Endeavour Foundation stewards youth-driven and university research competitions and awareness activities in the fields of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Through its flagship SDE project, it seeks to empower today’s consumers and citizens to be resource responsible and active responders to energy use and climate change in our built environment.

The SDE Council of Experts draws from experience in a broad range of professional fields related to the contests that frame the Solar Decathlon competition. Academics, researchers, policy-makers and industry professionals will be consulted on milestone SDE actions, including jury contributions for calls for cities & teams. The EEF recommends SDE Council Experts to SDE host cities for their initial counsel in numerous SDE-related subjects, including the evolution of competition contests & rules, team deliverables, evaluation reports, workshops and jury & competition processes.

Eligibility for membership of the SDE Council of Experts is based on experience with a Solar Decathlon competition. Members are welcome based on their SD experience, including but not limited to the following roles:

  • member of a SD organising committee
  • senior advisor to a SD organising committee
  • rules analyst
  • faculty advisor
  • jury member
  • senior observer
  • team leader
  • key fundraiser

The EEF seeks volunteer experts in the following areas, all of which are fundamental themes and topics that the SDE embodies in its quest for energy literacy:

  • industry & production
  • home & habitat
  • energy & resource management
  • biodiversity & environment
  • agriculture & nutrition
  • leisure & smart cities
  • transportation & mobility
  • entrepreneurship, communication & commerce

The SDE Council of Experts provides members with a network of high-calibre colleagues and associates,
thus creating a hub of professional development, opportunity and exchange. The SDE Council of Experts
is a vehicle for its volunteer members and is structured  to provide:

  • a platform to publicly share expert knowlege
  • individual and prominent profile articles of each SDE Expert on the SDE website
  • networking for shared professional initiatives
  • recommendations for professional contracts and initiatives stewarded
    by the Energy Endeavour Foundation, notably the SDE competition
  • international visibility for SDE Experts in their areas of expertise
  • links to partner institutions and professional entities
  • personalised email address

In exchange for this platform, visibility and professional network of opportunity, the SDE Experts are requested to contribute one thematically related article per year to the SDE website and their intermittent insight to the Energy Endeavour Foundation on SDE-related topics.

Members of the SDE Council of Experts, including its Charter members, can be found here: Get on board and join the SDE Council of Experts!
The Energy Endeavour Foundation looks forward to your applications through