eef & sde_ european solar prize_
winner 2018

EUROSOLAR awarded the 2018 European Solar Prize to the Energy Endeavour Foundation for its dedicated work in the ‘Educational & Vocational Training’ category.

The Energy Endeavour Foundation and its collaborating parties involved in Solar Decathlon Europe were celebrated for their outstanding commitment in the field of renewable energies! The 2018 European Solar Prize was awarded by EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy. EUROSOLAR exists since 1994 and delivers Europe’s most tradition-rich and prestigious renewable energy awards.

EEF Director Louise Holloway accepted the award at the official award ceremony on Saturday, 17 November 2018, at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany. This year’s award winners were honoured in the EUROSOLAR home town as part of the 30th anniversary of EUROSOLAR and the associated annual partnership with the city of Bonn.

European Solar Prize winners were officially announced for categories ranging from Solar Architecture & Urban Planning, Transport & Mobility, to the Energy Endeavour Foundations’ work in ‘Education & Vocational Training’. The EUROSOLAR grants annual awards to role models and pioneers in the fields of renewable energies, bringing a wide variety of stakeholders in energy transition into the public eye. The Energy Endeavour Foundation, for its steadfast work in perpetuating the Solar Decathlon Europe and other related awareness activities, was honoured to win this award in Educational & Vocational Training award! Hurray!

Exciting news indeed. On behalf of the Solar Decathlon Europe community,  the Energy Endeavour Foundation was delighted to receive this acknowledgement. EEF Director Ms. Holloway extends a special thank-you to all who have been involved in previous and current Solar Decathlon Europe editions. Heartfelt cheers to those who are steadfast in the vision of long-term impact and vitality of the SDE. Every dedicated action has led to transforming each Solar Decathlon Europe ambition into an exhilarating event, reaching extraordinary international audiences. The impact is high and mighty: Solar Decathlon Europe decathletes are tomorrow’s workforce, leading the way as ambassadors to today’s crucial professions in energy transition.

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