brand new!
sde signature leaps online

The Solar Decathlon Europe has created a new website!

A unifying hub for the Solar Decathlon activities in Europe, the new site will also publish information
on worldwide Solar Decathlon competitions, activities and events. A key feature is the portal to the german-funded knowledge platform of Solar Decathlon history, competition results and documentation.

The story of the new SDE website begins with a recent initiative to consolidate the brand image of the SDE. In keeping with the spirit of university competitions, SDE Secretariat Communications & Creative Director Louise Holloway (recently appointed Director of the Energy Endeavour Foundation) launched and advised master’s degree students during a communication design challenge at l’Ecole de Communication Visuelle,
in Paris. Accompanying Louise Holloway on the jury panel were (SDE Sec.) Secretary General Peter Russell, Paris-based SDE14 communications officers Xie Wei (architect) and Sophie Reuter (art director).
The jury was unanimous in their final selection and the winning team was applauded for their clever interpretation of the fundamental SDE values ‘intrepid – ingenious – responsible’.

The new visual identity for the Solar Decathlon Europe was officially presented in May 2015 to a gathering of former SDE organisers at the Cité de l’Architecture, in Paris. The new SDE signature regenerated participants at the meeting, motivating everyone for future SDE editions, encouraging the SDE’s initiatives for momentum, visibility and support.

Congrats to Kevin Audric, Benjamin Dupont, Siméon Huet, the authors of the new SDE brand
identity & signature. Recent graduates with master’s degrees in Visual Communications at l’ECV Paris,
they are prepped and ready for their careers in visual programmes & message-making.

The visual identity & programme has been expertly deployed online by Paris / Amsterdam-based graphic designer Perrine Grégy, and webmaster Micha Bakker at Mattmo, the Amsterdam-based creative agency. Creative Director Louise Holloway celebrates the team: “The work produced is exemplary, tight and
top notch, a positive step toward the Solar Decathlon’s continued success in Europe.
Congrats to the team of intrepids! Onward SDE Europe!”