from amsterdam to istanbul

The SDE Experts celebrate the platforms of innovation & technology, 
investigating the potential of a Solar Decathlon in Turkey.

In April 2016, the Solar Decathlon Europe made some headway at the Innovation Expo in Amsterdam.
Part of the programme for the Netherland’s European Union presidency, the Innovation Expo showcased new ideas in responsible urban living. The SDE Experts established key contacts at the Expo, spreading
the word on the SDE competition, the Solar Decathlon worldwide community and the family of SD events.

Discussions with various experts and interested parties at The Innovation Expo resulted in a dialogue on the importance of materials-responsbility in our habitats. This focus is particularly pertinent in the context of future SD competitions.

We met with Rory Nuijens, innovation, technology and science attaché to the Netherlands
Consulate General. Istanbul-based, Mr Nuijens extended an official invitation for us to participate
in the Programme for Innovation & Matchmaking Mission in Ankara & Istanbul. The focus of the mission
was on integration of PV technology into the built environment. Turkey seeks to have a 30% contribution from renewable sources to their energy mix by 2023. As Mike Timmermans, Manager for Innovation Cooperation for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, points out, “2023 will be a magical year for Turkey”,
as the country will celebrate 100th anniversary of Attaturk’s declaration of the Turkish republic.

We were eager to participate, as this opportunity to connect with researchers from turkish universities
and research centres helped to generate interest and potential support for the Solar Decathlon in Europe.
Our participation in Ankara & Istanbul coincided with our actions at the Energy Cities Conference
in Bornova, near Izmir. The impetus was there to tether results from the Energy Cities Conference
into a coalition of support through members and hosts of the dutch delegation to Ankara & Istanbul.

The match-making exchanges and conference sessions in Izmir, Ankara & Istanbul are leading to the possibility of a SDE competition in Turkey. The municipality of Bornova’s interest in hosting the next SDE edition is encouraging; with the right constellation of universities, research institutions and turkish industries, this possibility could very well become the next european competition in energy-efficient habitation.

Our many thanks to all of the representatives on the ground in Izmir, Ankara & Istanbul, for their hospitality and their well-coordinated, tightly-packed agenda of valuable networking,
Please stay tuned.