A foundation to spread energy literacy.

Established in 2016, the Energy Endeavour Foundation (EEF) is a Netherlands-based, non-profit organisation. A recent winner of the European Solar Prize, it stewards student research competitions & awareness activities in the fields of social, economic & environmental resource-responsibility, which empower consumers to be active responders to climate change.

The Energy Endeavour Foundation in a nutshell:

  • a hub and consolidation of energy-related initiatives
  • an expansion of the Solar Decathlon concept to encompass other areas affecting the culture of European life
  • oversight for predominantly university-led competitions in the arenas
    of sustainability and life-work-energy balance
  • a series of initiatives that are sexy, competitive and technological,
    shaping the future of energy literacy in Europe and beyond

The upcoming 2021 edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) is the next challenging event in a growing range of disciplines. An award-winning international competition, the SDE challenges intrepid university teams to design, build and operate 1:1 solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, attractive and energy-efficient. This urban edition of SDE21 will be a perfect inspiration for further competitions, going beyond the scope of habitation to include mobility, nutrition, energy storage and resource management.

Championing the dynamics of youth, competitive spirit and sustainability, EEF competition events have a strong vision: to inform, educate and generate the interest of industry leaders, academic researchers, policy-makers and the public at large. In order to reach these goals, the EEF combines institutional support, research activities, industrial innovation and public participation to celebrate European leadership in the fields of sustainability: from technology, management and public policy to the ultimate vehicle of wide-reaching communication. Click here to read more about the Energy Endeavour Foundation.