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contests in context

Teams competing in the SDE19 competition are full force, getting ready to submit their next deliverables for the on-going 10-contests.

While addressing the questions of renovation and existing building stocks, the Teams are working hard on the challenge to design, build and operate their full-scale grid-connected, solar-powered homes. The key motivators for their architectural concepts are innovation and resource-responsibility. The SDE19 edition also acknowledges the importance of circular resource use, and that of the urban context for habitation. The Teams must provide ideas to increase energy-efficiency, propose novel solutions and generate knowledge for a more sustainable built environment.

The teams will address the challenges in the following ten contests for the SDE19 competition:

• Architecture
• Engineering & Construction
• Energy Efficiency
• Communication & Social Awareness
• Neighborhood Integration & Impact
• Innovation & Viability
• Circularity & Sustainability
• Comfort Conditions
• House Functioning
• Energy Balance

Stay tuned for more info on the progress  of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 in Szentendre, Hungary.

Energy Endeavour Foundation – 26 July 2018