Pascal Rollet_

Pascal Rollet, Charter Member of the SDE Council of Experts, is a passionate architect, innovator & educator, busy putting sustainable architecture on the map.

With degrees from the University of Grenoble & the University of California at Berkeley, he has worked
for Stanley Saitowitz & Lars Lerup in San Francisco, Jourda & Perraudin in Lyon & CRAterre in several African countries. In 1990, Pascal established his professional practice in Paris with Florence Lipsky.  Lipsky+Rollet Architect’s work has been awarded several French prizes including the 2005 Équerre d’Argent (Silver Square) for the best building of the year. L&R Architects have been nominated in international competitions such as the Benedictus Award 2005 & the World Architectural Festival 2008 in Barcelona. Today, Lipsky+Rollet is mostly involved in sustainable architecture for educational facilities with a parallel emphasis on research
& development in solar housing programs.

Pascal is a full-time Professor of Architecture at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble.
His research topics include sustainable human settlements, solar architecture
& wood & earth construction. He brings his expertise in these fields to several projects: Pascal is co-director of the Architecture, Environment & Cultures Constructives (AE&CC) research team, recognized by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as the LABEX unit. He is the Scientific Director of Grands Ateliers in Isle d’Abeau,
a French research center & technical platform dedicated to “learning by doing” & “learning by building”; here, Pascal stewards dynamic experimentation for students in architecture, art & engineering.
In this endeavour, Pascal promotes design-build education in architecture in a transdisciplinary approach
of the built environment.

Leading the Armadillo Box© project in the Solar Decathlon 2010, Pascal was the Faculty Advisor of Team Rhône-Alpes, winning the Solar Decathlon 2012 competition with the Canopea© project. In 2014, Pascal was the Director of the Solar Decathlon  Europe in Versailles, steering yet another intrepid SDE event with french flavour & international flair.

Pascal is a Charter Member of the SDE Council of Experts, aiding the Energy Endeavour Foundation to pursue its commitment to raising energy literacy worldwide.


Pascal Rollet, Charter Member, SDE Council of Experts