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rules & registration

Update: the deadline for registration & application has been closed. It is NOT possible to register anymore. The 18 Teams who have made it through the selection phase have officially been announced on January 16, 2020. Click here to find out which Teams will participate in the SDE21.

Rules Publication & Upcoming Key Application Dates

To all prospective Teams ready to apply for the upcoming 2021 urban edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe: you can now download the official first version of the SDE21 Rules here: .

In the Call for Teams a registration date and an application deadline are mentioned. These dates have led to some inquiries. The SDE21 Organisation would like to clarify: The deadline for applications is, indeed, the 25th of October, 2019!

Please note that the initial registration date was meant as an administrative milestone to give the Organisation the time to process the incoming interest; Teams are welcome to register beyond this date. Your application must contain the registration number! Therefore, Teams are urged to register as early as possible and must allow 5 working days for acknowledgement of registration. Teams can register by sending an email to:

The email should contain the following information:

Institution Name
Contact Person’s Name
Contact Person’s Role in the Institution
Contact Person’s email and telephone number(s)
Other institutional partners in the Team

Please submit only one registration per consortia of institutions. A confirmation email will be sent with a 6-digit code to be used in all submissions.

Energy Endeavour Foundation – 12 September 2019